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SLAS2015 in Pictures

SLAS2015 marked the first time SLAS has convened in the US capital city of Washington, DC. The event was a tremendous success, with 4,700 attendees, 296 exhibitors, 140 educational sessions, and immeasurable volumes of collaboration, peer interaction and enjoyment. Enjoy this photo review of SLAS2015. Be sure to mark your calendar for SLAS2016, taking place January 23-27 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, USA.

Opening Session

The Welcome and opening keynote session were held on Monday, Feb. 9. The proceedings opened with welcome comments by SLAS 2014 President Daniel Sipes, 2015 President Dean Ho, SLAS CEO Greg Dummer, and SLAS2015 Conference Co-Chair Elliot Hui. During this session, SLAS announced the creation of the SLAS Educational Grant Fund Program which is seeded with a $1M contribution from the Society. Opening comments were followed by a keynote presentation by Donald Ingber, Founding Director of the Wyss Institute at Harvard, who discussed Human Organs on Chips as Replacements for Animal Testing.

Special Sessions

A series of Special Sessions were held on Monday, Feb. 9, addressing a host of timely and relevant topics. These sessions included: European Government/Foundation Drug Discovery Initiatives, The Commercialization of Laboratory Technologies: From Ideas to Reality (presented by the Journal of Laboratory Automation), and An Evening With NIH, which was moderated by Christopher Austin, Director of the National Center for the Advancement of Translational Sciences (NCATS).

Career Connections

SLAS2015 featured a robust lineup of complimentary career services for attendees, including one-on-one mentoring with professionals local to DC, resume review and consulting, multiple workshops, a digital job board, and a program lineup customized to students and early career professionals.


More than 300 scientific posters were presented at SLAS2015. Attendees had the opportunity to meet the authors and pose questions on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 9 and 10.

SLAS2015 Exhibition

The SLAS2015 Exhibition featured 296 multinational companies showcasing the latest in laboratory technology and innovation. From an exhibition floor size perspective, the Exhibition at SLAS2015 was the largest in the four-year history of this annual SLAS event. The Exhibition featured in-booth demonstrations, exhibitor workshops, daily receptions, the SLAS Member Center, and SLAS Innovation AveNEW, which hosted a series of start-up and nascent companies receiving special attention and visibility courtesy of SLAS.

Celebration at Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

SLAS held an exclusive celebration, sponsored by Hamilton, for SLAS2015 participants at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 10. Nearly 1,000 participants enjoyed access to museum exhibits, dined on extensive buffets, emulated astronauts on flight simulators, and had an all-around out-of-this-world time at this world-class cultural attraction in the heart of the US capital city.

Keynote Presentations

Wednesday, Feb. 11, was the final day of SLAS2015, however, the keynotes were nothing but first class. First up, NIH Director Francis Collins informed attendees about the breadth of NIH research and recent progress being made on drug discovery, government/academic/industry partnerships and clinical therapies which NIH is actively pursuing. The closing keynote by global health authority Laurie Garrett provided keen insight into the origin of global threats and the progress — and lack thereof — made toward protecting humanity against present and future disease.

SLAS Leadership Forum

The first-ever SLAS Leadership Forum took place on Feb. 8-9, co-located with SLAS2015. This new event featured a panel discussion on Rescuing US Biomedical Research from Its Systemic Flaws. Panelists included Rob Nail, co-founder of Velocity 11, Alicia Loffler of Northwestern University, Jim Sterling of the Keck Graduate Institute, and Donald Ingber of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Keck Graduate Institute, and Donald Ingber of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.
Leadership Forum Panel
Leadership Forum Panel
Leadership Forum Panel

SLAS2015 Award Winners

2015 Innovation Award

Jonathan Wingfield of AstraZeneca was awarded the 2015 SLAS Innovation Award for his podium presentation, Novel Acoustic Loading of a Mass Spectrometer — Towards Next Generation High Throughput MS Screening.

Mr. Wingfield accepts the 2015 SLAS Innovation Award from Innovation Judging Panel Chair Kyle Lapham

New Product Award Winners

SLAS Board Member Rich Ellson (left), regenHU CEO Marc Thurner, and SLAS President Dean Ho. regenHU Ltd was recognized for their 3DDiscovery BioSafety Cabinet.

SLAS Board Member Rich Ellson (left), BlueCatBio CEO Frank Feist and Todd Smith, with SLAS President Dean Ho. The BlueCatBio winning product was BlueWasher.

Resynbio's Justin Jordaan, PhD, CEO, CSO and Founder (center), Dr. Isak Gerber, CTO, with members of the New Product Judging panel. The ReSyn product recognized was MagReSyn.

Tomohiro Hayakawa of Sony Corporation accepts the New Product Award from SLAS's Rich Ellson and Dean Ho. The Sony product honored was the SI8000 Cell Motion Imaging System.

Student Poster Winners

SLAS2015 Student Poster Award Winners Kathryn Champ, Johns Hopkins University; Samantha Grist, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; Juwina Wijaya, University of California Los Angeles

The People and Places of SLAS2005

The Society genuinely appreciates the attendance and contributions of the 4,700 individuals who participated in SLAS2015 as attendees, exhibitors, presenters, moderators and other roles. As with most SLAS programs, the biggest benefit of SLAS2015 can be found in the insights and experiences shared between participants. Please mark your calendar to attend SLAS2016, Feb. 23-27 in San Diego, California, USA.